it's all about forward thinking.

what's beautiful and what sucks about 2015 is that everybody & their mama thinks it's their year. I think the same thing, though, and it's nothing wrong with this. We should all be motivated by a new year. But it's something about 2015 that has people thinking that since they've worked hard thus far, and since they continue to grind, that magically, this will be the year that it all comes together. 

but the fact of the matter is, if you don't make this year your year, then you'll be chilling in December talking 'bout, "damn, time flew by hella fast." in order for us to be successful in any way this year, we have to get out IN THESE STREETS and make it happen. 2015 is not the year of the tweeter. there's a physical world out there that we have to attack.

so that's one thing. you gotta actually do the work. but the other issue, and maybe the most important one, is that since everyone thinks this will be their year, then that means you have to work even harder than the next man. everyone can't win the same race. there's first, there's second, and the rest don't count. so there's no time for stagnancy. you better have a plan.

A PLAN. oh, the importance of a plan. if you think back to your most successful times, I'm sure there were plans involved. get together with your team and come up with something concrete.(as I'm writing this, I'm realizing this post is really to myself, haha. but I hope one of you will take something from it.)

all I'm tryna say is... if you want to win this race, go about 10x harder than you're going right now, and you might get second. 

...'cause I got first. [:

- I.E.