dear God #1

Lord, I thank you for peace. sometimes it's so hard to find.  


tomorrow's a big day. I'm praying for your grace & favor, and I pray it goes the way I want it to, but really, I only want it if you want it for me. You've shown me that what's meant to happen will happen fluidly, seemingly effortlessly, & what's not meant for me will give resistance. I used to try to battle against the resistance, battle against You, but I'm tired, & I'm wiser now. why would I want what wasn't meant for me?   

I've replaced my worry with prayer, my anxiety with peace, and I'm so excited to watch the day unfold. (:


bless Yiri and let her beautiful spirit shine bright. shine through her tomorrow, Lord. I pray this is meant for us. if not, thank You for Your protection. 




- I.E.