2015 highlights

·      Missy Elliot link

·      Kryptonite video

·      Mass Appeal love

·      Over 100K plays on “Miine”

·      Over 100k plays on “AfterParty”

·      “Caterpillar” EP

·      “Cold” video

·      #CaterpillarTakeover at SXSW

·      #Caterpillar USBs (genius)

·      Linked with Sway

·      Karen Civil love

·      XXL love

·      Relocated back to Cali from NY

·      NuSoul/Ill-Society show

·      Sangria Sundays

·      “Oakland” song

·      Oakland tour

·      Soulection x BeStreet show

·      Heiro Day with Daghe

·      Relocated to Oakland

·      #CaterpillarChallenege

·      Pandora Station

·      Apple Music Station

·      “Oakland” video

·      Cozy Mag Show

·      Distribution deal with EMPIRE

·     Came back home to Los Angeles, CA


some accomplishments I couldn't post, of course. wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise. [: nah, it was a good year though. a few lows for sure, but all in all, we did well. want to make sure next year's list is 3x as long.

- I.E.