sunsets in nevada 🌞

it feels like

sunsets in nevada.  

it's finally going down. 

i stayed for it,

didn't realize i had prayed for it

until it came around.  

it's like  

sunsets in nevada.  

God painted this picture.   

the colors colide

& the skies provide

that feeling  

i feel  

when i'm witcha.  

its like.. 

sunsets in nevada

after a blazing hot day.  

finally finding comfort. 

finally feeling peace

in your presence.  

hoping you can stay.  

we'll watch

the sun set in nevada.  

take a break, take a look,

take a chance.  

gamble everything

except for our love.  

we will keep it,

let it keep us

in a trance.  


the sunsets in nevada.  




- Iman Europe