it's 6:32 AM on a Thursday, and honestly, I don't understand how it's Thursday when yesterday was Monday. time is speeding, man... but that's a different post all together.  

anyway, I'm hoping today goes better than yesterday, 'cause yesterday was rough for ya girl. the devil really tried to distract me. & to be real, I think he succeeded. he got me. but not today. 

 ... but now that I think about it... I wonder if he really got me, or if I won. the way I felt yesterday pushed me to put out a song I've been holding called "the devil be tryin'", & I probably wouldn't have done that had it not been so relevant yesterday. I've been holding hella music, so maybe this was necessary. 


i don't know. I'm just thinking. it's hella early tho, and I'm not a wake-up-early kinda nigga, so I'm going back to sleep.  

peep the new tunes here: