'17 was tough, but..

'17 was tough, but it forced greatness out of me. it distanced me from the things that stunted me, and instead, forced me to tap further into myself. i found God while i was there. & then i found peace at my own pace, internal and external patience, a deep-rooted love for myself, wisdom and understanding. i realize now that every setback sprung me forward, and every experience contributed to my betterment.

'17 was tough, but it forced growth out of me. i'm stronger than i've ever been, more stable than i've ever been, my career is flourishing, my skin is amazing, my booty is the perfect combination of fat and muscle, my hair is growing, my discipline is better, i know me better, i love me better, my love is richer, my standards are higher, i know my worth, i know my values, i know what i want my life to look like & i make a conscious effort to work towards it everyday.

'17 was tough, but i'm still unfinished. i'm still learning, still teachable, still navigating, still searching, still finding, still rising. but i gotta say.. my bounce back this year was crazy. elastic level. & i’m proud of me.

‘cause ’17 was tough, but.. i’m tougher, muhfucka.   


- I.E.