don't play with me.

over-stimulation of the imagination leads to disconnection from reality, and ultimately, disappointment. so please, don't play with me. i got the kind of mind that'll flip a fantasy into a life goal. i'm in the process of building up my life, so.. i'm searching for the missing pieces. and love is the thesis but i won't apply pressure unless you need it. so please, don't play with me.

this could be simple— we could be lovers. or it could be even more simple and we can be friends. i'm open to the possibilities but not to ends, so i tend to move slower than your speed. i gage you, watching carefully to see if what you say is what you mean. and if you is, you can help me to see and i can help you to hear. and if it is, i'll stroke your ego for reminders and you'll remind me of the beauty i am. we could really teach this love thing if we wanted to, but if i'm too far into thought, and that's not what you wanna do, be clear with me. prepare for my hand before you reach for me. & be real with me, 'cause if mine is not in your plan, be careful with what you say to me. i'm sayin', just don't play with me.

i still have scars from past wars. and you do too. that's why you're patient with me, and me with you. i'm willing to understand. i value you as a man who embodies strength in all forms, but be gentle with me. don't tamper with my fragility. give me clarity. leave less on my mind. that's peace to me. i got enough pieces that already need mending. i've closed many doors and i'm starting new beginnings. i got enough time getting away from me, so if your attention can't stay, please, don't play with me.

- I.E.