'cause when I come thru,

I'm taking everything.

& when I come thru,

replacing every queen.

look, when I come thru,

better hope you on my team,

or better get your shit seen

'fore I show up on the scene.

I ain't stopping 'till my pockets

full of green

and I'm rocking


million fans in the stands

'cuz the flow's so mean.

they wanna know, yo,

how I get the dough, yo.

i tell them niggas, 'no no,

you don't need to know nothing.'

I'm losing my mind,

losing all the control in me.

losing the last

little bit of the soul in me.

soul was the only thing that was gold in me,

but niggas don't respect that shit.

tried to be humble,

but I had to forget that shit,

'cause she gon' treat you like a sucker 

till you check that bitch,

and he gon treat you like a bitch

until you show him who the realest is.

niggas tryna act like they ain't feeling this.


.... muhfuckas better get them bars ready.