TWTMC #1: Power or Perish

to whom this may concern,

I wanted to wait about a week to let my thoughts and feelings digest before I touched on this topic. I'm not too sure if you've been paying attention to the news, but America has now elected an orange-colored devil for a president. okay, okay... maybe devil is too strong (i said maybe). maybe we oughtta "give him a chance", but from the looks of our people that are protesting around the country, patience and faith are the last two sentiments we have for Donald Trump.

my first emotion was denial. there's no way my country is ignorant enough to vote this imbecile into the White House. my second emotion was fear -- fear for my black and brown brothers and sisters who's lives will soon be effected by this imbecile. but i didn't dwell on fear for long. that's not the kind of spirit God gave me. so my emotions settled, and ironically, I arrived at hopefulness.

 I'm looking at it like this: maybe this is the shock therapy we need. slowly, we are coming together more. supporting one another, uplifting and teaching one another, hiring and buying from one another... all of that. & I'm proud of the small changes I've seen within the black community. but yo, there's so much more work to be done. any black person that's pro-black knows that. and I truly believe that this could be the wake up call that unites us.

speaking of pro-black, you should know that I'm the most pro-black black person you gon' find out here, you feel me? on mommas. not anti-white, but pro-black. yes, there is a difference. and with that said, know that it comes from the warmest place in my heart when I say

if we don't become more powerful, we will surely perish.


to be continued tomorrow. drop comments below.