the devil be tryin

the devil be tryin [lyrics]


the same thang

im running from, 

keeps catching me. 

feet going numb.  

i can't complain, 

this life is good,

but it gets hard

in this neighborhood.  

i went to church.  

it's been a while.  

i came to praise,

but im feeling doubt.  

should I be here? 

ive been sinning now.  

got a few scars  

that need healing now.  


the devil be tryin.  

the devil be tryin me.  


he's saying thangs

that I know is wrong

and I've come too far

to be led along.  

but im caving ino

the conniving ghost. 

can't let him in.  

gotta let him go.  


the devil be tryin. 

the devil be tryin me.