spilling thoughts/making room

i didn’t sleep well last night, and that could be due to a combination of things. one, my album releases tomorrow. i’m excited and anxious like it’s the first day of school. two, since i’m independent, most of the work that needs to get done is by my own hands, and i want to be sure i don’t miss anything. luckily for me, my support system is unreal, and they are ready and willing to assist me with the things that i need— even if it’s just space to bug out for a minute. they’re the best, really, and they continuously remind me that i am capable of doing what needs to be done. my fans have also been extreeemely supportive, and it’s nice to have the opportunity to build relationships with each and every one of them. still, i’d be lying if i said that i don’t feel pressure... or that i don’t feel anxious. so anxious, in fact, that i had to step away from the work that needs to be done and write this for release. 

the process of this project alone has grown me so much. in the past month, i’ve learned lessons that i didn’t know i needed, secrets about this industry, and a lot of hard truths, too. but this past week, i got an accelerated corse in what it takes to break into the industry. wanna know the secret? it’s faith. enough faith to walk away from undeserving people or opportunities, balanced with enough faith to walk into higher places that are waiting for you. believe it or not, the latter is the hardest part. it’s easier to convince ourselves that we aren’t qualified. it’s easiest to forget our own power. but the ones who break the mold and break into their destinies are the ones that believe they can. 

my faith right now is on 1000! in God and in myself. i’ve waited long for this moment, and i’m more prepared than i’ve ever been. whatever comes now is a direct reflection of my hard work and God’s favor on my life, and that alone is my peace. no— i don’t have a big machine, a big team or a huge budget, but i got a lot of love around me and a lot of faith inside of me. i’m learning to keep my eyes fixed forward and on fruitful things. 

- Iman